Special Vegetarian Pasta

This pasta dish is quite special. First because it’s delicious and easy.  Second because a special boy helped me make it. And also because this particular boy loves to eat meat but seemed to enjoy this vegetarian dish quite a bit.

How to make Special Vegetarian Pasta:

3-4 cups dried pasta of choice- we used the whole wheat spirally ones (how much you use will depend on the stomach capacity of the eaters or the pasta:sauce ratio preferences)
2 cloves garlic (minced)
1 shallot (chopped)
3/4 cup cherry tomatoes (leave half whole and chop the rest in half)
1 small zucchini  (chopped)
1tsp italian spices
1tsp oregano
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
juice form 1/2 lemon
2tsp olive oil plus extra for drizzling
salt and pepper to taste
parmesan cheese (grated)


1. Boil a large pot’s worth of water and salt the crap out of it…I’m not kidding I put easily 2-3 tablespoons of salt all up in there. Once the water is boiled add pasta of choice.

2. Meanwhile saute garlic and shallot in olive oil until lightly browned. Add tomato, zucchini, and spices. Allow to cook on medium heat until zucchini is soft and tomatoes release their juices. Add basil and lemon and cook for one more minute on medium-low heat.

3. Once pasta is cooked add to saute pan and mix with sauce/veggies until well coated. Transfer to dishes and sprinkle with cheese and pepper if desired.


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