About me (and the bowl)

I have a passion for healthy cooking and this blog is where I let it all out. It allows me to share with you the recipes I am whipping up in my kitchen. Quite often I find myself in random places talking about food or eaves dropping on food related conversations. I have discovered that the aqua-size ladies at the pool change rooms know a thing or two about creating the perfect scone, and that the grocery clerk at the Whole Foods deli is a pasta sauce master chef. I want to share with you how delicious vegetarian food can be and share with you my kitchen discoveries and photography.

Facts about me: I love dogs. I love to run, swim, cycle, dance, jump, and generally anything active. Two foods I couldn’t live without are almond butter and bananas. I never stick to a recipe word for word and believe there is always a way to be creative in the kitchen. I love nature and being outside. I love sushi, hate onions. I’m a yogi. My wardrobe is mostly from a thrift store rack or homemade – and I’m proud of it.

What is “mush” you might ask? My mum calls porridge “mush”. When I was child my mum made me a “mush bowl” at her pottery wheel class. My mum is one of the most important people in my life and probably the reason that I sometimes still eat “mush” for breakfast.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA